Progress 4

The workmen have been busy and the weather this week couldn’t have been more spectacular. It’s been sunny and breezy with the temperatures heading toward summer. They’ve made excellent progress getting the ends of our barn closed in. The two large windows will be in my studio end. The three smaller windows will be in Roger’s office end.

barn 1barn 2
barn 3barn 4
In between we’ve planned a “living room” and a bathroom. It is exciting to stand in the space up there and imagine using it. The ceiling joists have been installed and these really give shape to the rooms.

The next step is getting the interior walls up (they made progress on this front today but I wasn’t home in time to get photos), the roof on (roofing materials were delivered yesterday and roofers supposed to be coming tomorrow – but rain is predicted), and the windows in (supposed to be delivered any day now). There’s lots to look forward to next week.
Chris, Rick, Doug, Kevin, Jeremy

Here’s a photo of our crew, including the boss. He’s the one without any tools. Donettes qualify as building tools, don’t they? They seem to be a staple around here.


1 Response to “Progress 4”

  1. 1 David May 10, 2007 at 11:46 pm

    Looking good Mom! Thanks for the update…

    and… mmmm… donettes

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