Frog songs and a salamander

I was out walking with my brother today and we came upon the most magical sound. It was coming from a small pond about 100′ from our rural dirt road. It was loud, in complex rhythms that were ever-changing. We decided to check it out by getting closer to see if we could get a glimpse of the singers. When we reached the edge of the pond we could see many small frogs floating on the surface and as we stood still and watched and listened we could see several pairs mating by the far shore. It was hard to see what kind of frog we were observing but we stood and listened to the cacophony for a long time.

Farther up the road toward home we came across a spotted salamander in the road. The sad part about this one is that it was dead. It made me sad since it is unusual to see this kind – it spends most of its life underground. You can see a previous post about one I found earlier with a great picture here.

What an amazing Creator we have! I’m so thankful to God for the beauty and variety we have in our world and the senses we have to enjoy it. Take time today to stop and observe, to listen, to touch, to smell, to taste – to appreciate what we so often take for granted.


1 Response to “Frog songs and a salamander”

  1. 1 Mariko April 30, 2007 at 1:00 pm

    What a wonderful reminder of how God’s gift of life, *yes even to the lizards, frogs, and salamanders :-), is truly amazing and awe inspiring…thank you for reminding us all to spend some time outdoors, enjoying God’s beautiful artistry.

    *I am glad that I can appreciate the frogs and salamanders vicariously through you!

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