Yesterday, while the weather was clear and the temps a balmy 40 something, we were supposed to take delivery on the large laminated beam that will hold up the second floor. Meanwhile the workers were busy cutting floor joists and prepping other areas so that they would be ready to go once the beam was in place. No beam. Quitting time came and went without the truck coming. With the big storm slated for today we thought we wouldn’t see the workers until tomorrow.

But they showed up bright and early this morning, with heavy snow falling and several inches already on the ground. We thought they were crazy. They set up a little tented area where they could work and hauled out ladders and a few tools. Then we found out why. It seems the big truck with the beam and other floor support materials was headed up this morning, because if he didn’t come today, it would be another week. The operator of the big crane unloader is going on vacation (some place warm and sunny to scuba dive – sigh!) and there is nothing else to do without that beam in place. So it was today, or sit and wait.
construction tentplacing the beam

Here are the men pretending to work while they wait for the truck to come. The truck operator used his big off-loading arm as a crane to lift the beam in place after it was cut to the right length.
cross sectionalong one side

We retrieved the little piece of cut-off beam. These are two pictures – a cross section and along one side – that show the laminate structure. I love the texture. And it is still snowing….


1 Response to “Delivery”

  1. 1 David April 12, 2007 at 2:32 pm

    You paint a bleak picture…but I sure am missing the snow right about now 😦

    I guess the sun will have to suffice. By the way, I spent the afternoon yesterday at Sunset Beach soaking up the rays and watching the surf. It was nice, but I sure could go for some snow!

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