Fun stops for the way home

Yesterday, on the way home from the wedding, we made several stops. Since I didn’t get to go to the quilt museum (it is actually closed for renovations so even if I hadn’t been outlet shopping, I couldn’t have seen it) or any of the wonderful fabric shops in the Lancaster area on Friday, our sightseeing day, Roger conceeded to stop at Sauder’s Fabric Store. It was pretty much on the way home, with only a little change of route and was too good an oportunity to pass up, being so close. I’d been before and knew to expect an incredible selection at very good prices. I promised Roger I would try to stick to choosing batiks, though I did do a quick walk past all the bolts and flat folds. We also checked out their bulk foods and bought some dark brown sugar and some cool little sprinkle decorations – a mixture of long green sprinkles and large red dots.

We thought we were done shopping until we saw a billboard for the legendary Cabela’s, an amazing hunting/fishing store. We decided to stop since Roger had been so gracious in stopping at the fabric store. I was thinking it would be another LL Bean, but we were in for a surprise. The first thing we saw when we walked in the door was the fishing department. It was the size of a medium sized grocery store with more fishing rods than I have ever seen, not to mention all the other fishing accouterments. There were also several huge tanks of live sport fish with identifying placards. I was thinking this was pretty cool until I came upon the Africa display. I informed Roger that I was going out to the car to get the camera. What impressed me so was that the stuffed animals were displayed running and jumping and being eaten – I’ve spared you pix of the crocodiles sharing a little antelope (yes, they really showed that), but here are the Greater Kudus trying to get away from the lions in hot pursuit:
They had an elephant, rhino and hippo in this tableau too. I was impressed.

Then I noticed right in the middle of the store a huge display of fake rocks that were home to polar bears, big horn sheep, musk oxen, moose and lots of other animals I was too overwhelmed to take in. I took an overview from the balcony on the second floor and a close up of the moose. They were big.
view from the second floormoose

Then I spied the trout pond with a full sized moose standing in the middle of it and an entire room devoted to typical and non-typical white tailed deer. (I never realized that antlers grow differently – that’s what makes them non-typical. I would have learned something if I had taken the time to read all the posted info.) There must have been close to a hundred of them in this tableau and the walls were lined with mounted heads of deer, elk, buffalo, moose and who knows what else.
trout pondtrophy heads
We poked through the camping gear and the gun counters, checked out the camoflage shelters and kayaks, and glanced at the sale room. As Roger headed out to the car, I just needed to be sure I had seen it all so I took another quick tour of stuff he looked at while I was consumed with the taxidermy. I found a shooting range and the shoe department but he was waiting for me by the front door and a close inspection would have to wait for another day. What a cool place even if you don’t need any hunting/fishing gear.


2 Responses to “Fun stops for the way home”

  1. 1 Sue Miller March 11, 2007 at 9:52 pm

    Lynne, I am so sorry we missed you and Roger….we are in Colorado and I have been neglectful about checking my messages. I am disappointed that we were not around to see you. We will be home by the end of the week.
    We have been to Cabela’s several times and each time it amazes me. And the women’s clothing section carries very nice casual clothing. Our grandkids love it there and we use it as a place to take a break on our trips to Hershey with them.
    I have started sketching and the latest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors reinforced my determination to keep a detailed sketch book. Also I have been enjoying as an inspiration in all areas.
    Again, i’m disappointed that we failed to connect. Sue

  2. 2 David March 12, 2007 at 1:27 pm

    Blogging about the competition I see…

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