Travelin’ around

We’ve been on the move the last several days. We drove to Lititz, PA to attend the wedding of the son of our dear friends Gary and Stephanie. It was a long drive, especially since we had recently returned from a drive to and from Maryland. We weren’t looking forward to all that time in the car so soon again, but we borrowed some books on CD from the local library, packed our bags and headed out. We got about 2 hours down the road and Roger mused that he didn’t remember putting the hanging clothes bag in the car. Hmmm.. that was a bit of a dilema since we were attending a wedding and jeans and athletic clothes weren’t going to fit the bill. It was too late to turn back and retrieve said bag.

Ah, plan B: instead of sightseeing, we’ll get to go shopping. Those of you who know me well know that this was not going to be my idea of fun. But Roger does like to shop and we thought that certainly there MUST be outlets in Lancaster. The sticky part was finding them. After a scenic tour of downtown Lancaster, we stopped at a hotel and asked at the desk. We weren’t far away and a kind lady pointed us in the right direction. We cased the stores on Thursday evening so we could be there first thing on Friday morning. We had all day since the wedding wasn’t until 6:30.

It’s a good thing that Roger needed some new pants and his blazer was showing signs of age, so this shopping trip was not all bad. A shirt and tie completed the ensemble and he did look dapper in his new duds. I did NOT need new clothes but I found a nice pair of black pants and a nice sweater set top and we were good to go.

We did redeem the sightseeing part of the plan by visiting the Wilbur Buds Chocolate Factory which was a short walk down the street from our B&B. They had lots of memorabilia on display and we watched as they hand coated pretzels with chocolate and unmolded chocolate pops. And no, we didn’t make it out of the store without a few bags of goodies to sample later. We grabbed a quick meal at the Cafe Chocolate on Main St, where everything on the menu has chocolate in it somewhere. Roger had chili con chocolate and I had quiche and salad with chocolate raspberry vinaigrette dressing. All very good. We even had time for a nap before the big event.

The wedding was very nice and it was good to see our friends and share in their joy.


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