Why blog?

My friend Sue wonders why we blog. I’ve been thinking about this and wondering what my reasons for blogging are, since I’m sure there are lots of different reasons out there. I know that some people are journalers – they’d write even if no one read what they wrote. Whether they’d write on line or not I don’t know. But I’ve known several people who journal every day. They’ve filled many volumes. I’m not one of those people. It is laborious for me to put thoughts to paper, even cyber paper. So why bother?

Several years ago, dear friends of ours sold their house and purchased an RV as their primary home. They began a blog so that they could keep in contact with friends while they were on the move. I think it was also a way to chronicle their journey. They were unsure how long they’d be on the road and how things would work out. We had kids about the same age, enjoyed spending time together, and had similar interests. We were very good friends. And still are, thanks in part to their blog. By reading their blog and commenting periodically, we’ve stayed connected and carried on a dialog of sorts. I knew when they’d be nearby and we could arrange to get together, etc. It was SO much better than just exchanging Christmas cards.

Three things contributed to my blogging: 1) I was looking for a way to share artwork with others (not that you’ll actually see much here). I don’t have a website and I knew others who had blogs and posted work on them. It seemed to work fairly well. 2) Our son David was making noises about me setting up a blog. 3) And then my RV friend happened to be visiting and sat me down at the computer and helped me get started.

Why do I write when I really don’t like to? I have no grandiose ideas about my writing skills. I can’t believe that people actually want to read what I’ve written but I’m pleased that all of you do and some of you comment to let me know you’ve tuned in. I write for those of you who want to stay connected with us, to have a glimpse of what we’re up to.

Why do I read blogs? Most of the blogs I read are written by people I know and care about – family and good friends. Sometimes I read selected posts on other blogs to see photos that have been posted or read specific commentary. I like short posts and lots of pictures – which is why I post so many photos. I’ve found that by reading blogs and commenting every now and then that I am renewing those relationships regularly, sharing in activities and events in a way not possible otherwise. The only thing that’s missing is a warm hug.


1 Response to “Why blog?”

  1. 1 stephanie March 4, 2007 at 9:46 pm

    Whether you connect with just one – or whole gaggle of friends, I think this whole blogging thing is great! So glad we continue to connect in this very special way!

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