I was all set to venture out on my own today. After dropping Roger off at the office, I headed out in the car to the metro station at Shady Grove. After circling the garage and lot choices twice and backing out of one garage access because I didn’t have the exit card they said I needed, I ventured in to a garage anyway, deciding I’d figure out the exit card thing later. Could I find a parking place anywhere? Nope. Fortunately, the exit gates were up and I could get out without the infamous card. But some frustrated tears later, I ended up back at Roger’s office so he could take me to the Kiss and Ride drop-off at said metro stop and I could get the train without having to park the car. Yikes! I never thought it would be so hard.

My destination was the Textile Museum and their special exhibit “Red”. It was small but very interesting, showing a wide variety of textiles using many different sources of red dyes. From there I headed to the National Zoo for the rest of the afternoon. It’s a great bargain – free – and a beautiful zoo. Here’s a sampling of what I saw: the new baby panda, bright salmon-colored flamingos dozing in the sun, the hippo eating lunch, and a beautiful merganser which was in the Mexican wolf enclosure.
baby pandaflamingos
I got to see most of the animals before heading back to the metro for my ride back to the hotel. It was a good day in spite of the iffy beginning.


1 Response to “Adventures”

  1. 1 Sue Miller February 28, 2007 at 11:09 am

    I apologize for not posting more comments to your delightful blogs. I look forward to them each day and have enjoyed your thoughts. I especially liked the snow pictures (the bird tracks were great) and of course, the sock personalities made me laugh. I wonder why we are so interested in others blogs or why we even write them.? I’ve thought about that alot as I ponder whether to start up my blog again ( I would not use eblogger this time) For me it is a chance to look into the daily journals of someone and possibly live vicariously thru their experiences and musings. But I don’t know why we write them….do you?? It seems so egocentric to think that anyone would be interested …. except my mother of course. I’d be interested in your thoughts….maybe in a blog????? Anyway, I look forward to tomorrow’s…

    If I haven’t mentioned it before, I enjoy these two blogs. One is to see how an artist thinks and works and the other is to see into the daily life of someone who has fun with life. and

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