Feathered friends

I’ve been concerned about the ground feeders since the snow came. Some birds are good at the little perches on the feeder and some are good at grasping the wire mesh holders for the suet cakes. But the Slate-colored Juncos are neither of these and they wait patiently under the feeders and suet cakes, hoping that the woodpeckers, chickadees, nuthatches and blue jays will drop some tasty morsel their way. I’ve seen the Juncos try, and a few have succeeded with a lot of flapping to get a bite. But for the most part they have to wait. Their little footprints are all over the snow on the deck and under the feeders. Normally I would scrape away the snow so the ground would be exposed, allowing them to find whatever drops down for them. But the snow is too deep to scrape all the way down and the seeds just disappear into the snow. So I’ve thrown some seed under the deck where little snow has accumulated and to where I have seen them retreat to escape the wind and weather. Hopefully they are getting their fill and who knows, perhaps we’ll have a stray sunflower or two appear in the summer long after the Juncos have headed back to Canada.
Junco footprints


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