Lessons in Flexibility

We learned two things about flexibility today: 1) Cars are not flexible and 2) we need to be.
We had big plans for today and the rest of the week actually. Today was supposed to be a Connecticut doctor day for me: Mammograms and ultrasounds in the morning, radiation oncologist and regular oncologist in the afternoon. These are regular check-ups, no cause for alarm, just due diligence. Then dinner with James, spend the night, and on to Maryland for several days so Roger could work and I could visit with dear friends we haven’t seen in a long while. But God had different plans for us.
It was snowing lightly in Massachusetts as we drove through North Hampton about 1.5 hours from home. It laid briefly on the road before melting. Traffic was moving slowly because of slippery conditions and several accidents up ahead. The bridges were treacherous because the melted snow was refreezing there. You know what’s coming: We were part of the problem. After fish-tailing over one bridge, we lost control on the next one, smacking into the bridge guardrail with the front of the truck and spinning 180 degrees and smacking into the same guardrail with the back. We came to a stop mostly in the left lane perpendicular to the travel lanes. We are counting our blessings. God was merciful and neither of us was hurt. No other cars were involved. Two compassionate strangers stopped to make sure we were ok, helped us pick up debris from the highway, and stopped traffic so we could pull off onto the shoulder. Thankfully the car was drivable except for no rear lights so we weren’t stranded in the middle of the road. The police came quickly, called a tow truck for us, the driver of which recommended an auto body shop nearby with an excellent reputation and a rental car place just down the street. And I’ve been able to reschedule all my doctor appointments for two days next week – an amazing feat in itself. We still hope to visit with James for a meal and overnight while we’re in the neighborhood.
We’ve cancelled our MD visits, no urgent need for Roger to do face to face business at this time. Teleconferences are wonderful inventions. Hopefully we’ll be able to reconnect with our friends another time soon. If nothing else, we’ve had good chats on the phone which will have to suffice for now.
We praise God for providential care and are trusting Him to bring good out of this inconvenience.


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