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This Thanksgiving is a season of fullness, it seems. There are empty spaces to be sure, people who are missing from our family gathering, but I am struck by fullness.
Our home is full… of precious family and friends sleeping on every horizontal surface available and filling up the chairs around the table. It is full of love and laughter as we eat together, play together, read together, and share our lives together.
Our bellies are full… of turkey and all the fixings, pies and Schmidt truffles (thanks, Ellie!), fruit and Tastykakes (thanks, John and Linda!). The fridge is full of food and leftovers and we’re working hard to use up those extra calories we’ve eaten.
Our hearts are full… of gratitude to God for the incredible blessings we have been given just because He loves mankind and cares about having a relationship with us. How can we ever be thankful enough for all our blessings? I’m overwhelmed by the length of the list: freedom to worship, vote, travel, work; material resources, plenty, enough to share with those in need; people who love us and care about us; a personal relationship with a God who gave His only Son Jesus to die for our sin that we might have eternal life. The list goes on and on. Oh, how truly full we are.
I hope that our fullness will be evident to those around us, that they would be fuller because of us, because of the God we serve. I pray that you, whoever you are, would pause and count your blessings, because even in times of need and emptiness, you can be full.
Thanksgiving 2006
Here’s the gang for this year: John and Linda and their kids, Joy and Sam; Roger and I, and our son James and his girlfriend Ellie.


We’re ready!

There’s a blizzard on Okemo today. Yes, I know, it’s man made snow. It has finally gotten cold enough here to make some. Finally. The ski mountains in the area have all missed their targeted opening days and are feverishly making snow in tme for the big Thanksgiving weekend. It is strange to hear the drone of the machines and to see bright white snow on the trails and nowhere else. But they are getting ready for the onslaught they hope will come and be able to ski.
For our part, we’re ready. We’ve packed our woodshed with two cords of firewood, the snow shovels are on the porch and the snowblower is pointed out, ready for action. We know it’s coming. It’s just a matter of time. “Bring it on”, we say, knowing that once winter comes, it’s here for the long haul. But we’ll be warm beside a crackling fire, sipping on hot chocolate and reading a good book.
wood for winter

Big Boys, Expensive Toys

Somehow, the new mower to keep up with our several acres of grass just wasn’t enough. We are now the proud owners of a front end loader for afore mentioned machine. I have to admit, it will be handy for moving wood and perennial crops of rocks – that’s if we can keep from tipping it over or getting it stuck in mud season. The boss had to check it out and play a little since he was away when I took delivery.
xpensive toys
Pretty big grin, don’t ya think?


I woke to a beautiful white world this morning. Over night about an inch of snow fell that clung to the tree branches, outlining each one with a thick white line. It capped those last few leaves that so far have refused to succumb to the wind and the rain, reminding us that winter is just around the corner. As the sun broke through the clouds, the grass and roof tops slowly reappeared but it is cold enough that some vestiges may remain in shady places until tomorrow. Up on Okemo, preparations are underway for their opening on November 18th. They’ll commence making snow and gearing up for skiers, hoping along the way that there will be plenty of natural snow too. There is a little respite before the onslaught of out-of-towners and I’m enjoying the calm before the storm, a crackling fire in the fireplace and a nice cup of tea.


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