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Four Years Ago Today

On October 31, 2002 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Today, I am doing well with no sign of the cancer returning. Several years ago I asked my doctor when he would consider me cured. His answer: never. As the years go by, the chances of recurrence are less and less, but a significant number of cancers return even many years later. So I am diligent to get regular checkups and to know my own body.
Cancer taught me many things, three of which I’ll list here: 1) to be grateful for each and every day God gives me and to celebrate the little joys of being alive, 2) relationahips are most important – my relationship with God needs to be paramount and my relationships with people are so much more important than things, or what others will think, or getting my way, and 3) to actively persue my dreams, not put them off until tomorrow.
God has been so gracious to me, through the treatments, the recovery, excellent medical care, the love and care of family and good friends, and the good health I enjoy. I am so blessed.


Beauty in the Midst of Gloom

It’s cold and rainy today. The wind is blowing and it feels raw. The clouds are low but ever changing. At one point the sun broke through over the mountains and a piece of rainbow appeared, low down and very wide. It stayed for a long time and I kept going out on the deck to take more pictures of it. Here is my favorite. rainbow.jpg

Winter’s coming

Saturday we had our first snow – just a dusting but a taste of things to come. There was snow on the cars, but none on the ground. Up on Okemo though, the trails were lightly covered. It didn’t stay around, but one of these days….

Adventures in New Construction

We have started construction on a new garage with several rooms over top. The plan was to have the foundation and cement floor in and the lot graded before winter. Then when our builder had more time in early Spring, he would come back and erect the building part. Mud season can be tricky in Vermont, especially moving large equipment on soggy roads. So this sounded like a really good plan that would allow us to have the garage finished sooner. We thought the cement guys and the excavator had accomplished what we set out to do. They finished up yesterday and left the job site for the winter.
Today, the propane company came to fill the new tank which will fuel the new heating system and our generator. We’ve had some rain the past few days and there was some water seeping out of the bank where the new tank was dug into the ground. The ground was soft and I warned the propane man that he should skirt that soft area and approach the tank from farther up on the bank. Good plan… but as he got close to the tank, with hose in hand, he sunk into mud up to mid thigh. I was hoping he’d be able to free himself, which he did and then together we watched as the mud began to slide into the new driveway and the tank began to float to the surface. It looked a little like a tiny green submarine breaking the surface of the water.
So I guess they’re not quite done with the job. More rain is forecast. Stay tuned…
Where’s Captain Nemo?

The Salamander

Spotted Salamander

I just had to share this incredible salamander that appeared by our front porch. Since we moved to Vermont in June, I’ve been trying to concentrate on all the things that we have here that we didn’t have before. It’s been painful to leave dear friends and family and move to a much quieter place where we knew very few people. God has regularly put things in my path that seem like messages directly from Him, saying, “See? I love you and care about you and know you’ll appreciate this wonder that I have made.” This day I had been bothered by cement trucks in the driveway pouring the foundation for our new garage because they had set support platforms in the garden, very close to one of the bushes there. After they left, here appeared this wonderful Spotted Salamander by the house. I had never seen one like this before and found that indeed it is rare to see them since they spend their adult lives underground. It was 8″ long, an average sized adult and I wonder if all the vibrations from those irritating cement trucks brought him to the surface. In any event, I was blessed to enjoy him for a few moments before letting him go back where he came from. Click on the thumbnail photo to see him in all his spotted glory.



Today I started to blog.


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